Ready, Set…GO! 1st Square Foot Exhibition at the Art Exchange is Good To Go


Just a gentle reminder that tomorrow night marks the official opening of the 1st Square Foot Art Show at The Art Exchange Gallery. The reception is on Friday July 6th, 2012 at 7:00pm. Don’t forget that there are 2 galleries hosting this exhibition so be sure to investigate the myriad of art work for sale at both locations. I am exhibiting 3 pieces, two of which are located at the gallery located at 156 Wortley Road, and the other piece is located at 247 Wortley Road (see image below). For more information about this series, please visit my website:…Go To Gallery 2


“Soul In State: Rest, Pain, Ecstasy”, photo courtesy of Douglas R. McGlynn

A tip for those who will attend the Opening Reception: you may want to begin your tour at the first location: 247 Wortley Road, London Ontario as the space  holds a bit more work. The second location is about 500 m. (or a 6 minute walk, according to Google Maps) from the first location and is at 156 Wortley Road. Click below for a map and directions to the gallery.

Allow for enough time to soak in the variety of styles and please feel free to ask the gallery staff any questions about the artwork, artists or pricing. Hope to see you there!


2 comments on “Ready, Set…GO! 1st Square Foot Exhibition at the Art Exchange is Good To Go

  1. Jenny McGlynn says:

    Love the paintings Laurie. Separately they are stunning but I would like to display them as a triptych as I feel they are so empathetic together!

    • Thanks Jen..I agree, about them displayed together. I had this in mind during the initial drawings. At least they’re displayed together online, which will hopefully give the viewer a better feel for the ‘organic’ elements I was trying to draw out. 🙂

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