“Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot!”: Exhibition at Rainbow Gallery a Great Way to Cool Off from Caribana

Toronto Caribana 2012. Photo Courtesy of University of Waterloo
Daily Bulletin July 30, 2012

If you plan on attending Caribana 2012 this coming weekend, why not take time out from the heat and enjoy a refreshing dip inside Rainbow Gallery, Market Square Toronto. For the month of August my “Simple Harmonic Motion” series will be on exhibition in the foyer of Rainbow Cinemas, organized by Art for All Canada. AFAC is a non-for-profit enterprise which helps connect visual artists to exhibition venues in public places, such as the gallery in Rainbow Cinemas. In addition to my work located in Gallery A, the works of 3 other artists will also be on display for the month of August (Daryl Chang, Kathleen Morbey & David Bruce Johnson).

Art for All Canada, Toronto Ontario Canada

Click here to view a sample of our work and artist interviews conducted by AFAC President/Organizer Alwyn & Sheila Mitchell: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTxL0W0b-rg&feature=plcp.

You’ll find my work inside Gallery A, located in the foyer of Rainbow Cinemas, 80 Front Street East, Toronto:  http://goo.gl/maps/L2Klq. So if you’re heading to T.O this weekend, either for the Caribana or just for a dose of urban excitement, be sure to include a trip to Market Square and the Rainbow Gallery.

Sample of Series “Simple Harmonic Motion”



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