Daisies Abound…Feelin’ Ready for Spring!

What better way to spread the love of Spring then to share some daisies…blue, pink and green ones! That’s right, its not just Easter Eggs that take center stage in brightening up the past few months of grey. Why not take some time to indulge your creative spirit and conjure up a few fun Springtime inspired art designs. You don’t need to be a seasoned painter or a pro at Photoshop, and other creative software programs. Start off with some drawing paper, a few coloring pencils and time to relax. If you relax and focus on having fun rather than precision, you’ll enjoy the process while providing a bit of beauty to lighten up your space.

Spring Lily

Courtesy of: star gazer lily sallys paintings

If the weather is not ideal for an outdoor sketch session, why not go through your saved photos from previous seasons, and reference a few for a special drawing…or should you feel adventurous, try using watercolour pencil crayons. They offer the control of sketching with the added bonus of watercolor! If you have access to a printer, a photo-montage could be your next art project. Print off a few of your favorite Spring photos. Cut and arrange them into an interesting composition, adding other art media such as paint, or pastels for example for impact.

Field of daisies

Courtesy of: Judy Tillson Photography

If slow and steady is your style, you could always cut out a few simple Spring-like objects (see the delightful roses below) from colored construction paper. Glue a small magnet to the back, and you have a colorful fridge magnet!

Paper Roses

Courtesy of: makingpaperflowers.blogspot

Whatever you decide, have fun creating. You never know…it just may put a wee “spring” in your step!


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