McGlynn’s work at The Pedlar’s Shop, Ross Farm Museum

The Ross Farm Museum is truly a gem. Set on over 60 acres of farmland, Ross Farm offers visitors the opportunity to travel back in time and experience a taste of rural/agricultural life in late 19th century Nova Scotia. The well trained and talented staff portray their roles so realistically, that eventually, one begins to feel transported back in time. But Ross Farm goes beyond providing a historic and educational voyage. To many, it is one huge on-going exhibition of 19th century life, that leads the visitor through land, structure, performance, artifacts and visual art both tangible and edible! In fact, everything that takes place at Ross Farm, is like a long stroll through an outdoor gallery, with something amazing around every corner. For those who wish to take a piece of their experience home with them, The Pedlar’s Shop provides the visitor an opportunity to purchase quality Nova Scotia products by local artisans. I am therefore honored to have my work chosen to hang in the museum gallery.

Located only an hour from Metro Halifax, its a short drive to experience a day immersed in the past, to engage with the energy of a rural environment and to take home a locally made product from The Pedlar’s Shop. What better way to preserve a memory of a day spent at Ross Farm.

Images Below: “Miss Cranston’s Tea Room” Acrylic on Canvas. “Miss Cranston’s Tea Room” Collage on Board – Laurie-Lynn McGlynn

17 Miss Cranston's Tea Room 1painting18 Miss Cranston's Tea Room 2collage


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