Art, Tea and Friendship: MOTUS III on the Horizon

One year ago, on the eve of our university graduation in fine art, I asked the very talented Caroline Bordignon to sit with me over a cup of tea and think about what comes next in our careers as artists. As two strong, creative women, we considered what art means to us, and how we as artists can share something deep and personal with others…not just the fruits of our creative labors and four years of technical skill sets. Rather a deeper sense of what matters to us as artists bringing varying perspectives into our work….and, as Christian women who are faced with having to balance and most often hide our personal values with that of the commercial art world.

Prior to this conversation, MOTUS came into existence as a thoughtful collaboration between 5 university artists. We had no particular agenda, apart from “sensorial” entertainment. MOTUS II, with origins pulled from librettos and chant, utilized a collaboration of art forms to convey a more personal message…the freedom and happiness for which we who exist in this modern world, are all searching. As I look back at the hard work and sacrifices the MOTUS teams have made, I am amazed at how far MOTUS has come. The reality is that our efforts are nothing without each other, our team of incredibly talented people who became our family. Currently, my dear friend and colleague Caroline, is off composing her heart out in England. As I await our next cup of tea together, I prepare for the birth of MOTUS III and will endeavor to make it the best performance yet. The pen is fierce my friends!motus

Interested in learning more about MOTUS and how you can be part of this collaborative work? Send us your name and a bit about yourself, such as if you have any musical, dance, literature, or digital technologies background? Perhaps you would like to help with promoting our MOTUS mission. We’re always open to new members and welcome anyone who is interested in collaborative work in a creative environment. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line, you never know where it could lead!



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