Hard Working Artist, Skint but Hopeful!

My current focus is to raise enough funds to afford the transportation of my work to New York City in May. My work has been chosen for exhibition at The Other Art Fair in Brooklyn. What is The Other Art Fair (TOAF)? Presented by Saatchi Art, TOAF is located in the creative center of New York City, and is held biannually in Brooklyn. Each Artist who applies to have their work selected, is “…hand picked by a committee of art world experts” (TOAF). As one of the Artists whose work has been chosen for this year’s Spring show, I am both excited and fraught with a million concerns, mostly over money and how I can afford to get my work there. The cost of transporting large, floor based work is expensive, particularly when insuring it, leasing a van, insurance for international travel etc etc. You get the idea! To help me offset my meager artist budget, I set up a GoFundMe campaign in February and so far it has been received well by the public. The target is $2500 and the current donation totals are $680 which is amazing for just 2 weeks! I am so very grateful to everyone who has donated. In fact, I decided to give a piece of my art work as a gift for any donation of $50, which is normally priced at $100 including the shipping costs that I cover. As much as this is a great start, I still need to raise more funds to help me with attend this amazing opportunity. For an Emerging Canadian Artist, it is very challenging to have one’s “voice” heard over the sound of many other talented artists in this country. I have sacrificed a great deal in my life to get to this stage in my practice…to gain recognition for the work I create…to gain respect and support from my peers and to be taken seriously by the art world at large. Returning to university to complete a Bachelor of Fine Art was a major investment for me and my family, with my husband having to absorb most of our living costs whilst I was studying. I was thrilled to be accepted into the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design and moved our family from Ontario to Halifax in order to complete the MFA. However, after completing the Fall term of my MFA, family finances and my husband’s career took us back to Ontario. I was thrilled once again to be accepted into the MFA program at York University in Toronto. However, as luck would have it, a health issue kept me out of school and thus I was forced to take a medical leave from the program. I continued to work when I could and have tried to remain focused, although this is not an easy task when working alone. Not all artists can work in isolation and this has been particularly challenging for me. I prefer to bounce ideas and concepts off my colleagues, and to take time away from my work and immerse myself in someone else’s for a while. It really helps me to regain focus at times when the work is “stuck”.

However, I have come a long way in the silence of my basement studio, and here I am at the most exciting opportunity in my career as an artist. I hope to make it to NYC…I want to get to NYC and ask if anyone of you reading this, or anyone you know who would like to support me and the emerging arts, then please click on this link and make a donation to my campaign. Keep in mind, the original prints that I am giving to donors as a gift, are a limited number. So if you or someone you know would like to receive this beautiful piece of work, please donate as soon as possible before the prints run out. Send me a postal address so I can get it off in the mail and you’ll have it in your hands in 7-10 business days.

Thank you for reading this and for taking the time to consider my request. Art exists to remind us of that place inside each of us, the quiet refuge from where we can escape.

RedBud 2018 - Copy

“Red Bud”, Linocut and Hand-painted on 100% Cotton Rag: Saatchi

For donations, please click here: GoFundMe

For information on Saatchi’s The Other Art Fair in Brooklyn, please click here: TOAF


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