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As Spring slowly approaches, yet another year of art shows, exhibitions and studio tours are on the horizon. So, like many of my colleagues, I am currently immersed in my studio, preparing new work for the season ahead. This is also a new beginning for me as sales and marketing are concerned which is not an easy task for me but a necessary one if I want to sell my work. I recently came across the online version of Saatchi Art, which provides potential buyers with an easy and convenient way to purchase original art. I mean, we all have our opinions about selling art online, and I know for certain that there are artists out there who feel this is not the way to go. I feel that online art sales on group sites can work if it is well managed. So far, my opinion of Saatchi’s site is one of professionalism and good business standards. They provide the bridge between the artist and buyer which, let’s face it, saves us a lot of leg work. Having exhibited my work in the traditional gallery setting, I am still new to selling my work online but I am learning fast and enjoying the process.

Blue Bird

Blue Bird, Digital Technology, Giclee Print, 2017
LL McGlynn

After taking a hiatus from my MFA program due to a debilitating hip injury, working from an easel as been exceptionally challenging. In fact, I now have to explore other ways in which I can continue to work in the studio without putting too much strain on my hip. For those of us working in a creative industry, we know how advanced digital software has developed over the past few years. As much as I enjoy challenging the norm as it applies to art making, I never seemed to take digital art seriously…. until recently. My experience in creating digital work has been an enlightening experience. It allows me to express themes and concerns in unlimited ways and I have to say I am having a ball using the WACOM tablet, Adobe’s products (Photoshop, etc), Corel, Anime Studio and a myriad of other creative software that are tantalizingly addictive! Take note, however, that digital art making is not an “easy-peasy” way to whip up an image. Anyone who has ever taken a course in digital art making (my hand is raised) will know that at first glance, the mind-boggling interface can be pretty overwhelming for a newbie. The good news is that, with practice, creative software can save you loads of time and can even offer a new way of approaching challenges in your process.  So, happily I say, here is a link to my new page on Saatchi! I would be so grateful if you could take a few minutes to explore the site and check out the great art work available on there….and have a look at my work while you’re at it ;-).

Stay tuned for upcoming information about my new domain name (via WIX) and summer exhibition dates.  Feel free to leave comments on WP, or on Saatchi. I look forward to reading your thoughts regarding online galleries. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy your visit to Saatchi.



Artist Laurie-Lynn McGlynn Saatchi Art Online

Pink RosePink Rose, Digital on Giclee, 2017



Daisies Abound…Feelin’ Ready for Spring!

What better way to spread the love of Spring then to share some daisies…blue, pink and green ones! That’s right, its not just Easter Eggs that take center stage in brightening up the past few months of grey. Why not take some time to indulge your creative spirit and conjure up a few fun Springtime inspired art designs. You don’t need to be a seasoned painter or a pro at Photoshop, and other creative software programs. Start off with some drawing paper, a few coloring pencils and time to relax. If you relax and focus on having fun rather than precision, you’ll enjoy the process while providing a bit of beauty to lighten up your space.

Spring Lily

Courtesy of: star gazer lily sallys paintings

If the weather is not ideal for an outdoor sketch session, why not go through your saved photos from previous seasons, and reference a few for a special drawing…or should you feel adventurous, try using watercolour pencil crayons. They offer the control of sketching with the added bonus of watercolor! If you have access to a printer, a photo-montage could be your next art project. Print off a few of your favorite Spring photos. Cut and arrange them into an interesting composition, adding other art media such as paint, or pastels for example for impact.

Field of daisies

Courtesy of: Judy Tillson Photography

If slow and steady is your style, you could always cut out a few simple Spring-like objects (see the delightful roses below) from colored construction paper. Glue a small magnet to the back, and you have a colorful fridge magnet!

Paper Roses

Courtesy of: makingpaperflowers.blogspot

Whatever you decide, have fun creating. You never know…it just may put a wee “spring” in your step!

McGlynn’s work at The Pedlar’s Shop, Ross Farm Museum

The Ross Farm Museum is truly a gem. Set on over 60 acres of farmland, Ross Farm offers visitors the opportunity to travel back in time and experience a taste of rural/agricultural life in late 19th century Nova Scotia. The well trained and talented staff portray their roles so realistically, that eventually, one begins to feel transported back in time. But Ross Farm goes beyond providing a historic and educational voyage. To many, it is one huge on-going exhibition of 19th century life, that leads the visitor through land, structure, performance, artifacts and visual art both tangible and edible! In fact, everything that takes place at Ross Farm, is like a long stroll through an outdoor gallery, with something amazing around every corner. For those who wish to take a piece of their experience home with them, The Pedlar’s Shop provides the visitor an opportunity to purchase quality Nova Scotia products by local artisans. I am therefore honored to have my work chosen to hang in the museum gallery.

Located only an hour from Metro Halifax, its a short drive to experience a day immersed in the past, to engage with the energy of a rural environment and to take home a locally made product from The Pedlar’s Shop. What better way to preserve a memory of a day spent at Ross Farm.

Images Below: “Miss Cranston’s Tea Room” Acrylic on Canvas. “Miss Cranston’s Tea Room” Collage on Board – Laurie-Lynn McGlynn

17 Miss Cranston's Tea Room 1painting18 Miss Cranston's Tea Room 2collage

Art contest winners announced | Local | Entertainment | Simcoe Reformer

Art contest winners announced | Local | Entertainment | Simcoe Reformer.


By Jacob Robinson, Simcoe Reformer

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SIMCOE – The winners of the inaugural Arts Country Juried Arts Competition were announced Friday, June 29 at the Norfolk Arts Centre in downtown Simcoe. A total of 117 works created by artists hailing from Norfolk, Brant, Oxford, Elgin and Middlesex County were accepted in what became one of the largest regional competitions in all of Ontario.

Artist Laurie-Lynn McGlynn Receives Prize. Photo Courtesy of Jacob Robinson, Simcoe Reformer, Tuesday, July 10, 2012

“Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot!”: Exhibition at Rainbow Gallery a Great Way to Cool Off from Caribana

Toronto Caribana 2012. Photo Courtesy of University of Waterloo
Daily Bulletin July 30, 2012

If you plan on attending Caribana 2012 this coming weekend, why not take time out from the heat and enjoy a refreshing dip inside Rainbow Gallery, Market Square Toronto. For the month of August my “Simple Harmonic Motion” series will be on exhibition in the foyer of Rainbow Cinemas, organized by Art for All Canada. AFAC is a non-for-profit enterprise which helps connect visual artists to exhibition venues in public places, such as the gallery in Rainbow Cinemas. In addition to my work located in Gallery A, the works of 3 other artists will also be on display for the month of August (Daryl Chang, Kathleen Morbey & David Bruce Johnson).

Art for All Canada, Toronto Ontario Canada

Click here to view a sample of our work and artist interviews conducted by AFAC President/Organizer Alwyn & Sheila Mitchell:

You’ll find my work inside Gallery A, located in the foyer of Rainbow Cinemas, 80 Front Street East, Toronto: So if you’re heading to T.O this weekend, either for the Caribana or just for a dose of urban excitement, be sure to include a trip to Market Square and the Rainbow Gallery.

Sample of Series “Simple Harmonic Motion”


Two Spaces…One Show…Lots of People: Square Foot Opening Reception a Hit!

So, the 1st Annual Square Foot Exhibition was not so ‘Square’, rather it was the place(s) to be last Friday night. People from all over Middlesex County and beyond, drove through Friday night traffic and battled temperatures in the high 30’s to enjoy a night out at The Art Exchange in Wortley Village, London. Armed with plenty of cool drinks and nifty little hors d’oeuvres, both galleries enjoyed a full house.


The ‘madding crowd’ at The Art Exchange home gallery. Photo courtesy of Douglas R. McGlynn

The theme of this exhibition is, you guessed it, work created on a 12″ x 12″ surface. With over 300 pieces of art over two galleries, the square foot size requirement makes for an interesting display of various styles in one space and allows for more work to be hung at one time. At first, the 12″ x 12″ surface created a bit of panic within me, as I am used to painting on large surfaces. But once I relaxed about the size of my canvas, I was able to concentrate on the image making process. As they say in some circles, “size isn’t everything”, and this certainly was the case for this show. Like many of the artists exhibiting in this show, I chose to create a ‘mini-series’ of sorts…three paintings that share a central theme. I had played around with the concept of how I could paint the human soul…or in other words, what my interpretation of the soul would look like. Would it have shape, texture, colour? Would it be recognized by the viewer as something from the ‘inner self’?


Soul In State: Pain


Detail of Soul In State: Rest

I had no idea where to begin, apart from knowing that the image would not represent a particular religious standpoint but I knew I wanted to incorporate a ‘body’ or mass. My objective was to challenge my past study of movement (,Laurie-Lynn&gid=873) from the tangible to something intangible and the concept of the human soul fit this challenge. My hope is that the viewer will be able to discern an action taking place, captured in the moment. Through the use of colour, texture and brush strokes, each painting strives to reveal an emotion (Rest, Pain, Ecstasy) and therefore represents the soul in that very state. I can assure you that this was not an easy task…to use paint to create an image that represents something ethereal, and without substance, and yet give it an organic mass, motion and E-motion.

In some ways I think the 12″ x 12″ size restriction was not so much a hindrance as it was an aid to containing purity of the image. But that is the view point of the artist. I am interested in knowing what the viewers think of this exhibition and my series Soul In State: Rest, Pain, Ecstasy. I encourage you to share your thoughts and to please feel free to offer constructive criticism. Thanks to those of you who came out in that wild heat, to share in the Opening Reception. As local artists, we rely and depend on the support of our communities which in turn helps to foster an appreciation for arts and culture but especially for the visual arts.

Artist Laurie-Lynn McGlynn with Soul In State: Pain in Background

Watch this blog for news on my next upcoming exhibition in Toronto at Rainbow Cinemas in Market Square (July30-August 30).

Ready, Set…GO! 1st Square Foot Exhibition at the Art Exchange is Good To Go


Just a gentle reminder that tomorrow night marks the official opening of the 1st Square Foot Art Show at The Art Exchange Gallery. The reception is on Friday July 6th, 2012 at 7:00pm. Don’t forget that there are 2 galleries hosting this exhibition so be sure to investigate the myriad of art work for sale at both locations. I am exhibiting 3 pieces, two of which are located at the gallery located at 156 Wortley Road, and the other piece is located at 247 Wortley Road (see image below). For more information about this series, please visit my website:…Go To Gallery 2


“Soul In State: Rest, Pain, Ecstasy”, photo courtesy of Douglas R. McGlynn

A tip for those who will attend the Opening Reception: you may want to begin your tour at the first location: 247 Wortley Road, London Ontario as the space  holds a bit more work. The second location is about 500 m. (or a 6 minute walk, according to Google Maps) from the first location and is at 156 Wortley Road. Click below for a map and directions to the gallery.

Allow for enough time to soak in the variety of styles and please feel free to ask the gallery staff any questions about the artwork, artists or pricing. Hope to see you there!

Winner of Juried Arts Competition! ‘Rock-2’ wins award at Norfolk Arts Centre in Simcoe


from left to right: Adam Veri (Barber & Veri Inc.), Deirdre Chisholm (Director/Curator Norfolk Arts Centre) & Artist Laurie-Lynn McGlynn- photo courtesy of Douglas R. McGlynn

Friday June 29, 2012 marked the long anticipated reception and grand opening of the Arts Country Juried Exhibition. This show represents the work of artists from 5 counties in Southwestern Ontario, and is held at the Norfolk Arts Centre in Simcoe Ontario. Click here for a map of the gallery:

The exhibition runs from June 29-August 30, 2012. Along with offering an official welcome to the public, last Friday’s reception provided the forum from which the winners of the juried art competition were officially announced. Three winners were chosen from a talented pool of artists from Brant, Elgin, Middlesex, Norfolk and Oxford Counties. I am happy to announce that my painting ‘Rock 2’ was selected for an award and cash prize which was presented to me during the reception.

Winner of 3rd Prize: ‘Rock-2’-photo courtesy of Douglas R. McGlynn

Out of three paintings, two were accepted for this exhibition; the winning Rock-2 and Sand-1. Both paintings will remain at the gallery for the duration of the exhibition and are available for purchase. Please contact the gallery for more information about the artists, their work and sales related queries:

Artist Laurie-Lynn McGlynn with ‘Sand-1’ & ‘Rock-2’, Norfolk Arts Centre Gallery-photo courtesy of Douglas R. McGlynn

***If you missed last Friday’s reception at the Norfolk Art Centre, don’t dispair! Take advantage of an opportunity to view some amazing local artwork at The Art Exchange Gallery located at 247 Wortley Road in London Ontario. This exhibition titled The 1st Annual Square Foot Show, will open with a reception on Friday July 6th at 7:00p.m. The work will remain on exhibition until July 28th, 2012 over two gallery locations; 247 Wortley Road and 156 Wortley Road. Bring a friend…enjoy a refreshment and immerse yourself in visual pleasure!

Update: Upcoming Art Exhibitions Summer 2012

I am pleased to announce that a selection of my work will be on exhibition with AFAC: Art For All Canada, located at Rainbow Cinemas, Market Square, Toronto. Click here for a map and directions to the venue:

The exhibition will take place at Gallery A inside Rainbow Cinemas from Monday July 30th-Thursday August 30th, 2012. For more information about Art For All Canada and the artists who exhibit at Rainbow Cinemas, go to Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Art Exhibitions: Summer 2012

Arts Country Juried Arts Competition

After taking a brief hiatus from the studio, I have “re-emerged” back into the arts community. I am happy to announce a few upcoming exhibitions in which my work will be on display and available for purchase.

*2012 Arts Country Juried Arts Competition

This exhibition will take place at the Norfolk Arts Centre, 21 Lynnwood Avenue, Simcoe Ontario. Art work will be on display from June 29-August 30, 2012. The Opening Reception is scheduled for Friday June 29th at 7:00 p.m.

*1st Annual Square Foot Show

This exhibition will take place at The Art Exchange in two locations: 247 Wortley Rd., London Ontario & 156 Wortley Rd., London Ontario. Art work will be on display from July 4-28, 2012. The Opening Reception is scheduled for Friday July 6th at 7:00 p.m.

Please support your local art community by attending either or both of these exhibitions. Bring your friends/family and experience some amazing local talent. Better still, why not drop by on Opening Night and take advantage of the opportunity to meet the artists. We love to chat about our work…I look forward to meeting you!

*For a detailed look at my visual art practice and exhibition activities, please visit my website at:

Art, Tea and Friendship: MOTUS III on the Horizon

One year ago, on the eve of our university graduation in fine art, I asked the very talented Caroline Bordignon to sit with me over a cup of tea and think about what comes next in our careers as artists. As two strong, creative women, we considered what art means to us, and how we as artists can share something deep and personal with others…not just the fruits of our creative labors and four years of technical skill sets. Rather a deeper sense of what matters to us as artists bringing varying perspectives into our work….and, as Christian women who are faced with having to balance and most often hide our personal values with that of the commercial art world.

Prior to this conversation, MOTUS came into existence as a thoughtful collaboration between 5 university artists. We had no particular agenda, apart from “sensorial” entertainment. MOTUS II, with origins pulled from librettos and chant, utilized a collaboration of art forms to convey a more personal message…the freedom and happiness for which we who exist in this modern world, are all searching. As I look back at the hard work and sacrifices the MOTUS teams have made, I am amazed at how far MOTUS has come. The reality is that our efforts are nothing without each other, our team of incredibly talented people who became our family. Currently, my dear friend and colleague Caroline, is off composing her heart out in England. As I await our next cup of tea together, I prepare for the birth of MOTUS III and will endeavor to make it the best performance yet. The pen is fierce my friends!motus

Interested in learning more about MOTUS and how you can be part of this collaborative work? Send us your name and a bit about yourself, such as if you have any musical, dance, literature, or digital technologies background? Perhaps you would like to help with promoting our MOTUS mission. We’re always open to new members and welcome anyone who is interested in collaborative work in a creative environment. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line, you never know where it could lead!